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Mark Reader has been supplying OMR scanning services to government and private organisations for last 4 years. The staff at Mark Reader, have many years experience in forms design, printing, OMR scanning, data analysis and can help you to design a survey or questionnaire, give relevant data analysis and report layouts.

OMR Sheet Scanning: We process Pre-examination and Post-examination Result Processing of Medical, Dental and Insurance Claim forms by automatic data capture using OCR/ICR tools or by manual data entry depending on your requirement and the quality of the input format.

OMR Result Processing Services, Graphs and Custom Reports
OCR Scanning Services
ICR Scanning Services

OMR Technology can be used in the following areas:

Entrance Examinations
Multiple Choice Answer Sheets (Pre-Engineering/Medical Entrance Preparation Institute)
Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys

Multiple Choice Answer sheets
Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys

Customer Feedback

OMR Sheet Printing: We also provide OMR Sheets, which can be customised according to client's need. These sheets can be used for conducting any examination, survey, feedback in any Govt. or Private organisation. Gathering data and analysis on these sheet is economical, fast and reliable. This technology is used by almost every Engineering, Medical and other Courses entrance and in other examination too.

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Answers in OMR Sheets can be in either letter form i.e. A,B,C or numeric i.e. 1,2,3..., we will design your OMR Sheet in such a manner that it will cover almost every questions/feedback you want to know.


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